U.S companies are optimistic for 2014


February 6 – . 43 % of U.S. private companies are confident and optimistic about the national and global economy this year and expect to boost growth and hiring new plans, this is the highest level of confidence recorded since the first quarter in 2011, this was reported by the latest installment of the company Trendsetter barometer PwC.


Meanwhile , 51% of companies surveyed expressed into account uncertain global economy.


The study tracks the business issues and practices of the private sector in the United States , launching a survey this year included the opinions of 208 senior management officers (CEO ‘s) .


Moreover, a third of companies are planning new investments in capital as of 2014 and one in thrid is in search of acquiring new business.


The companies showing optimism about the global economy is driving ambitious revenue targets . ‘S CEOs expect growth of 8.5 % for the next 12 months and forecast GDP growth of 3% in EU in 2014.
By the way, Rich Stovsky , Services Practice Leader at PwC , said:


“We see that our customers are looking beyond the economic and legislative uncertainty to move forward with critical decisions such as making new capital investments and expansion of their business, so we encourage companies to take into account a series of measures that could be taken to promote a sustainable long -term growth. ”


The CEOS are 11% more confident in the growth of their companies compared to 2011

The CEOS are 11% more confident in the growth of their companies compared to 2011


Hiring is one of the plans to meet for private companies , 57% is looking for new employees , but they say it is difficult to find the skilled workers they need and , therefore , this may be one of the major impediments to a company to grow . Those skilled in technology and engineering are in highest demand because companies are looking to innovate .


Additional data found in the study were :


  • It is expected that international sales accounted for almost a fifth of private companies that sell outside the United States .
  • A quarter of news organizations reported a significant point in the last quarter of 2013.

For this study in detail , is available for download at: http://www.pwc.com/us/en/private-company-services/publications/pcs-trendsetter-barometer.jhtml


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