George Mason University and Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon sign Agreement to help entrepreneurs



Mexico City, February 10.- In order to support entrepreneurs in Mexico and U.S., the George Mason University’s business development center and the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) agreed to help businesses to enter in both countries  and to develop new and better entrepreneurial practices.


The objective of this agreement basically is to conduct a joint research, share useful practices in business and entrepreneurial training, and a teacher exchange. Besides trade missions to Monterrey and Virginia to establish incubation projects, helping companies to enter these markets.


If a company comes to George Mason University and show some interest in exporting or finding supply chain in Mexico, they have someone in position to make that connection


Under this program, President Barack Obama, have impulse small-business development centers through the country to reach similar organizations in order to form International Sister Centers. The initiative, according to Obama, is going to help link the U.S. companies with foreign buyers interested in their products. He has been calling for economic policies that promote small businesses, boosted by international trade.


When 98% of our exporters are small businesses, new trade partnerships with Europe and the Asia-Pacific will help them to create even more jobs      



According to the Export-Import Bank, in charge to support U.S. companies finance trade ventures, in 2013 approved 3,413 deals with small businesses, representing 90% of its total authorizations. HSBC, elected to double its initial $1 billion commitment to a loan helping small businesses, which will be design for small companies who wants to export their products.


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