Barclays will make a reduction of 12,000 employees for 2014


Mexico City , February 11, 2014 – . The British bank Barclays announced it will eliminate 10 to 12 thousand jobs in 2014 , even though in 2013 they got back to obtain a net profit of £ 540 million against losses of 1,041 million pounds reported for 2012.


The second largest bank in the country , behind HSBC, reported that 7000 of deleted positions will be in the UK, also announced that increased 10% bonuses for executives of banking investment , about 2.378 million pounds.


The company employs about 139,000 people worldwide and last year removed 3,700 jobs.

Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins, said the bank deleted 820 senior management positions, which 220 will be managing directors and 600 directors .


Barclays has said that much of this reduction jobs can be performed by a voluntary resignation . The bank explained that last year increased by 10% the resources allocated to performance bonuses and competitively.

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