Council of EU approved new relations with Cuba

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Brussels, Belgium, February 12, 2014.- Amid cuban skepticism and American concern, the Council of European Union agreed to renew relations with Cuba, in order to increase commerce and human rights theme.


Due the recent reforms approved in the Island, councils dictate the negotiation rules to a cooperation agreement and political dialogue, excluding economic matters, which were approved by the 28 members of EU.


The announcement matches with the CELAC summit in Havana, Cuba weeks ago. According to Catherine Ashton, EU diplomacy chief told that the negotiation could start this month.


More than introduce an association agreement, the objective is to settle the actual policy between the actors, understanding that Cuba won´t change its policy. Also enlarge cooperation joint to social and economic reforms, always with the human rights flag.


By the Cuban side, government accepts the invitation of EU to negotiate the agreement, but this has to be based on political talks, bilateral cooperation, common sovereignty and national interests.


The relations between Brussels and Havana starts again since 1996 with the establishment of “Common Position”, which was conditional by the issue of human rights. In 2008, the dialogue resumed after the incident of the Black Spring in Cuba.


According to Herman Portocarero, EU ambassador in Cuba, highlight that must be an agenda to attend all issues and that rough themes will be on the table. Official Cuban sources declare that all themes, including human rights will be on the table.


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