Inflation endangers global emerging markets



Mexico City , February 12, 2014 – . Rising inflation in emerging markets threatens to destabilize the global economy, just when United States and Europe began to feel stability.


Weaker currencies in Asia, Africa and Latin America becomes stronger the problem of inflation forcing central banks of various countries to raise interest rates despite the economic slowdown.


One of the most affected countries is South Africa, many of the miners and manufacturing workers have launched strikes and achieved double-digit wage increases, reducing profit margins of employers, in addition to the depreciation in the rand raised the cost of nickel chrome and imported the manufacturer of auto parts, Sheffield mannufacturing Ltd.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the central bank raised interest rates last year and the same is expected to happen this month because they have failed to control inflation. Consumer prices rose 5.6 % and the real has lost a fifth of its value against the dollar in recent months.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange , a barrel of oil rose last week to $ 100US, largely due to increased demand from the United States to the polar cold wave, adding a major problem in emerging markets as the vast most of them are primary importers of oil.


The risk is that the developing countries entering an incipient crisis in its emerging markets. Officials hope after years of monetary stimulus, economic growth and inflation reactivation remains at healthy levels.

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