Israel announce visit to Mexico in April



Jerusalem, Israel, February 12. – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announces a visit to Israel´s allies in Latin America, Mexico and Colombia in April; the purposes are to bolster economical and political ties between these countries.


Netanyahu met President Enrique Peña Nieto in Davos last month, and past June, he met with President Juan Manuel Santos in Jerusalem. The visit to those countries will be after Netahyahu´s visit to United States to participate in The American Israel Pubic Affairs Committee (AIPAC).


These meetings are under the blocking of the European Union to Israel.


The rareness of the announcement is that never, a head of Israel government have visited neither of the countries. Before the visit, the Cabinet of the Prime Minister told that Israel had been approved to be observer in the last summit of the Pacific Alliance in Colombia.


Israel is trying to expand its relations, besides the establishment of ties with China; he sees great potential in Latin America according to the growth numbers in the region, and the geopolitical position that comes along with this.


This is an additional step in order to ensure Israel´s economy and to keep growing, in this moment we are diversifying our international markets.


In this matter, neither Mexico nor Colombia recognizes Palestine as a State, but in the past vote in 2012 at the UN General Assembly as a State Observer Non-Member, Mexico voted in favor and Colombia refrained.


Another element for this meeting is that Israel has bilateral relations with most of American countries except Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela, countries in Iranian orbit. In 2000 signed a trade agreement with Mexico. And to the Pacific Alliance countries, Israel exports 1 percent of its foreign sales (864 million dollars).


The European Union is the main partner of Israel, in 2012, bought 14,000 million dollars of Israelis products, compared with the 11,000 to U.S., contrasting with the 22,000 million dollars that Israel bought from EU and the 8,000 million dollars from U.S.


The coalition in Israel government, formed by political parties with different interests and some contrary, recently asked Netanyahu open the market to other countries in order to untie traditional allies.


(Mexican Business Web, with media information)


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