Fraudulent movements could be the reason for the rise in Chinese exports


Mexico City, February 13, 2014 – . In January, China’s exports had an amazing performance of 10.6 %, driving strong demand in Europe and the United States, exceeding the expectations of many economists who predicted little or no progress after factory production lost strength and economy slowed in the fourth quarter.


It is believed that the celebration of the lunar new year, which lasted a week in late January, may have diminished, but not enhanced, more sales outside of China. Furthermore, economists and analysts suspect that Chinese companies are billing in excess exports in order to inflate its value, allowing them to evade capital controls and bring more funds into the country. The rise of China with its exports does not fit the data in economies like the Asian country to drive their business trends, such as Taiwan that had a fall in exports of 4.6% and South Korea with a fall 0.2%.


Interest rates are rising in the country and an appreciation of the currency is expected.

Few clues exist on an overbilling, although last year the goods sent by the customs areas and inflate its value was a practice used to hide fraudulent transactions. Similarly, above have used computer chips masking help funds transfers.


It is estimated that in 2012 joined U.S. $ 101,000 million in illicit capital to China via Hong Kong , the most recent data available , which all legal foreign direct investment on the country , U.S. $ 112,000 million.


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