Largest solar plant in the world was inaugurated in Mojave Desert



California, U.S., February 14.- After many years of negotiations, legal and regulatory issues and a relocation threat due environmental measures, finally opened the largest solar plant in the world.


The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, located in Mojave Desert in a 5 square miles land, becomes a milestone to crescent industry, creating a balance between environmental conservation and green energy production.


Located 45 miles southwest of Las Vegas, where most of the year has unbroken sunshine and its near transmissions lines that carry power to consumers.


Nearly 35,000 solar panels controlled by high tech computers, they work by sun´s power, heating water to boiled tubes and make steam, which help turbines generate electricity.


The 2.2 billion dollars complex, runned by NRG Energy Inc., Google Inc. and BrightSource Energy, produces nearly 400 megawatts, enough to supply 140,000 homes.


The project it’s on just when US Government drives green energy developments


According to US Energy Information Administration data, the cost of this kind of projects, exceeds production of natural gas, coal or nuclear power; Ken Johnson, spokesman for solar association, declares this situation will change in medium term.


US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said that Ivanpah project shows how green energy puts United States in front of the solar energy production.


This project demonstrate that building a clean-energy economy creates jobs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and leads American innovation


The California Energy Commission concluded that the plant will cause environmental impacts during operation, long term benefits will nullify those impacts.


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