North American Leaders Summit may show the Mexican influence



Mexico City, February 17th, 2014.- Just a couple days before Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, and US President Barack Obama visit Toluca, Mexico, for the North American Leaders Summit, the agenda is on the table for the summit.


The potential of the bloc, the strength of the region and rethinking NAFTA agreement, probably will be the main topics, but immigration and national security will be the focus of the leaders’ meeting.


Sergio Alcocer Martinez, Mexico’s under-secretary of foreign affairs said that the 3 countries must work together including the private sector, in order to create a stronger alliance.


According to Alcocer, the North American region produces 28% of the gross domestic product in the world, showing the real power of the region. But there are some issues that prevent the development, such as the visa regulation instituted by Canada in 2009.


On this regard, Canadian government responds that visas will still be required despite Canadian companies complains. These kind oof issues could cloud the relations between the two countries, according to Andres Rozental.


Stephen Harper will join President Enrique Peña Nieto on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, president Obama will join both leaders in Toluca, where they will have private and public meetings with business people and scholars.


The meeting takes place in the moment when Mexico is reaching a higher position inthe political arena, driven by the recent reforms which seems inviting for other countries that are interested on investing in the country.


“Saving Mexico”

President Enrique Peña Nieto’s second appearance in Time Magazine is causing more interest in last year reforms, due to the political choices he has made and the opening of the econom, which makes Mexico a lot more attractive for investors.


The sector that will hold more attention is the energetic; this could be Mexico’s main boost by joining US development in this matter and benefiting from Canadian technology. In this way, Mexico should be able to get the momentum that its North American partners could give to the national economy.


Nevertheless, the main decisions are the advances that Peña Nieto may achieve in the NAFTA agreement,  such as security issues, immigration in US and better conditions in bilateral trade, as well as removing the visa requirement to visit Canada. Those are the decisions to which we must pay attention.


(Mexican Business Web, with media information)

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