Job Clubs are proliferating in the United States



United States, February 28.- A large number of Americans are joining to “Job Clubs,” looking for emotional and professional support while they are hunting for a job. These clubs are often managed by experts, but now are comprised by young professionals in their 20’s.


According to the New York’s Federal Reserve, 44%of recent graduates are working in part time jobs or in those that don’t require a college degree. In the US, as in any other country, young people are having problems finding a job in something related to what they have studied.


The Job Clubs for Millenials of New York has the task to lead young people and give them something to fight back to get a good job, according to their skills and knowledge. In this particular club, they gather in public libraries twice a month and they are leaded by Karen Palevsky, a career counselor.


The topics of the meetings include several techniques to get a good job, interviewing and application skills. They also are encouraged to share contacts, understanding that whatever didn’t work for someone could be a gold mine for another.


US Department of Labor estimates that there are more than 10,000 people in job clubs throughout the country


Since 2007 and the great recession, this clubs have proliferated, and you can find them on churches and mosques, libraries and synagogues, employment centers and community colleges, said Assistant Labor Secretary Eric Seleznow.


The organization “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” is managed by John Eugazzie and has started many of these groups. His effort to fight long-term unemployment have been recognized by local and federal legislators.


According to Eugazzie, the positions should be filled by known people, not by some stranger from the street. He says nearly 400 professionals are now working after attending the meetings.

Experts in the area explain that searching for a job doesn’t have to be shameful, and that people must keep a positive attitude and develop a “thick skin” for tough critiques.


Job situation in the US

According to figures of January 2014, in the U.S. 113,000 jobs were created, a little less that the 194,000 jobs created monthly in 2013. The average vacancies reached 154,000 in the last three months, compared to the 201,000 in the third quarter.


US Government figures say that 76,000 jobs are created by the factories, construction and mining sector. In January it was registered a reduction at unemployment rate of 6.6% from a 6.7% registered in 2013. It’s the lowest rate since 2008.


The ethnical groups that have registeresd a reduction in the unemployment rate are: Asians, with 4.1% from 5.3% at the end of 2013; Hispanics also reported an improvement of 8.7 percent; the Anglo-Saxons reached 5.9%.


African-Americans are the most harmed ethnic group, registering a minor rise, from 12.5% past November to 11.9% in the beginning of this year.


 (Mexican Business Web, with media information)

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