Teenagers are more active in network


The strong penetration of social networks in Mexico found in teens its most active market niche.

In 2012, the average time of daily connection of teenagers in Mexico was 4 hours 9 minutes, similar to the previous year which was 3 hours 56 minutes, according to data from the consulting firm IAB Mexico.

The information is the result of the fifth edition of the study of media consumption among Mexican Internet users and reveals that 1 out of every 2 young Internet users is connected between 2 and 5 hours a day.

This segment of surfers visits, on average, 7.42 web sites a week, have a strong interaction with social networking (86%), are the main source of information (85%) and participate actively, using them more than an average Internet user.

The majority of teenagers are registered on Facebook (98%), Twitter (69%) and Metroflog (19%). While 84% of these Internet users upload photos to Internet, mainly on Facebook and 45% upload videos, mostly to YouTube.

Their relationship with social networks is becoming more active, 88% see photos, 85% sends instant messages, 62% publishes personal messages and are involved in the games (27%) and see the latest news from their contacts (50%).

The use of mobile phones to connect to the internet increased, going from 43%, in 2011, to 64% in 2012, whete smartphones excel, with 34%, and the tablet, with 11%. The laptop is the most widely used of these Internet devices to connect to the internet (65%) and in 2012 this segment began to also use television with connection to the web (5%).

92% connects from home, 59% from school, 32% in places of public access, while 17% connect in the street.

Even economically relying on their parents, only 35% made purchases or payments through the internet, therefore are more inclined to see advertising as they seek offers (64%) and use social networks (58%), assures the IAB.

Teens also are multi-tasking, while surfing they also perform other daily activities as eating, study or walk their pets, with an average of 6.09 offline activities, among which are: 70%, study; 55%, listening to music, and 48%, watching TV.

(Mexican Business Web)

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