Slow adoption of new billing


With just four months for the most recent change in the tax system, which forces thousands of individuals and companies that bill more than 250,000 pesos annually to change the method of the Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet (CFDI), of which 88% of the universe that is required has not.

During may, in Mexico the Sistema de Administración Tributaria (SAT) made changes to the miscellaneous tax with respect to billing methods for taxpayers with income of more than 250,000 pesos per year, this means, those who perceive monthly income above 20,833 weights.

This amendment obliges these taxpayers to move to the new Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet (CFD) before January 1, 2014, currently only 600,000 have already made this change, according to estimates by the firm wFactura, provider licensed by the SAT of these services.

The company estimated there are still 88% of taxpayers forced to adopt the new system to be migrated, this means just a 12% advance in the adoption of the CFDI.

On this occasion the company wFactura submitted its portfolio of solutions covering all management collections for companies with high billing taxpayers, those with large volumes and those that need customization of their applications with high technical level.

Daniel Cañizares, commercial Manager of wFactura, said that after the changes in the miscellaneous tax they estimate a total of five million taxpayers who are affected.

From 2011 only taxpayers that exceeded the four million pesos per year were forced to the CFDI scheme.

With this new arrangement of the SAT affect salaried professionals and companies who bill in the Código de Barras Bidimensional (CBB) and Comprobante Fiscal Digital (CFD), which will be forced to migrate to this new CFDI technology, said wFactura.

(Mexican Business Web)

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