Mexico has few female executives


The number of female executives goes down the higher up one goes on the organizational chart in Mexican corporations which is why it is indispensable for business leaders and society at large to promote best practices in the work space.

Mexican women are slowly advancing in getting higher-level jobs. As far as management jobs are concerned 25% are held by women, contrasting unfavorably with countries such as China where women hold 51% of management jobs, according to the study “Business women and female executives in Mexico: diagnosis and challenges.”

This study was done by the sociologist Dr. Gina Zabludovsky Kuper, under the aegis of the Panamerican Institute for Executive Business Management (IPADE) and its Center for the Investigation of Women in Executive Positions (CIMAD).

For mid-level positions in companies female participation is 23% and in executive functions this declines to 13%. When one views company directorship or board presidencies only 13% are held by women.

A survey of 23 companies in Mexico done by the company Metrics, found that only 6.98% of board jobs are held by women, a number below that of the United states (7.3%) or Europe (13.9%).

Today there are still factors at work which influence corporate bureaucracies and the self-perception of women directly; cultural stereotypes, unfair competition, access to credit and other financing, corruption and the absence of promotion policies at a corporate level, among others, according to Dr. Zabludovsky.

The presence of women varies according to the area of the company, reaching only 20% of higher management in operations and production, 29% in marketing and 30% in human resources.

Companies should destroy gender barriers, according to the World Bank’s Development Report, noting that productivity would rise by 25% if that goal is reached.

In Mexico the culture has changed and slowly there is more female participation in the work place. In 1970 only 21% of women worked outside of the house, in 2012 that number reached 42% and it is expected to rise given that today 50.4% of the university population is male and 49.6% female.

Women account for approximately 37% of Mexican GDP and three out of every five start-ups are led by women.

(Yazmín Balula / Mexican Business Web)

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