Gymnasiums want to do business with insurers


Anytime Fitness, a US gymnasium franchise operating in Mexico since 2010 seeks to ally itself with insurance companies in Mexico.

For the moment the franchise from the United States plans to contact insurance companies operating in Mexico in order to expose them to the advantages of this business plan.

This will happen in the summer of 2014, the year we plan to start with pilot projects in certain markets. This is a proven system in the United States and fits hand-in-glove as option for Mexico’s obesity problem,” guaranteed Rodrigo Chavez, president of Anytime Fitness.

The franchise, in alliance with insurance companies, operates this model successfully in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States.

Due to this model which motivates the population to do exercise in order to maintain itself healthy, functions very well, Anytime Fitness wishes to adapt this project to Mexico as part of its contribution to health issues.

With this business model companies offering medical insurance offer a 20% discount on the insurance premium, as well as the monthly payment of clients doing exercise.

“When a person with medical insurance comes to one of our gyms and shows his policy, we let them train and the insurance company pays the monthly fee and we report to the insurance company how often that person went to the gym,” said Rodrigo Chavez.

The benefit for the insurance company is that if the insured person stops visiting the gym, the cost of the insurance will rise because it has been demonstrated that by doing exercise people increase their quality of life, become ill less often and reduce their hospital and doctor bills by 25%.

Because the United States is one of the countries with the highest obesity rates such incentives function well and are accepted, since, beyond fomenting healthy habits, exercise contributes to stopping the diseases caused by this condition.

For these reasons Anytime Fitness confides that this scheme will be feasible and successful in Mexico, principally because the Mexican population has passed US levels in obesity.

Nonetheless the gymnasium franchise does not expect its first alliances with insurance companies in Mexico until 2014.

(Judith Santiago / Mexican Business Web)

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