Consumer confidence grows 0.06% in April 2014


Mexico City , May 8, 2014 – . The Consumer Confidence Index (ICC) developed jointly by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI ) and the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered a monthly increase of 0.06% in April 2014.

The ICC seasonally adjusted figures showed a monthly increases in two of the five components that comprise it, which refer to the current economic situation of both household members and the country. In the fourth month of 2014 the ICC stood at 90.3 points (January 2003 = 100). This level was -5.7 % lower than reported in April 2013 , when it was 95.7 points.

In the reported month, the indicator measuring the economic status of household members at present, in relation to twelve months ago, stood at 96.3 points, similar to the level seen in April 2013. The component assessing the economic situation that is expected for household members within twelve months, showed an annual decrease of -3.9%, to stand at 98.5 points in April 2014.


The item that refers to the economic situation today, compared to the one prevailing twelve months ago, recorded a total of 88 points, which meant an annual decline of -8.2 % compared to 95.8 points made ​​in the same month of 2013 . in April 2014, the component that captures consumer perception of the economic situation of the country within twelve months, compared to the current reported level of 91.8 points , representing a decrease of -11.1 % annual rate .


The indicator related to the possibilities of the household members to buy furniture, TV, washing machines and other home appliances showed a reduction indicator annual -5%, to settle at 76.8 points.

Mexican Business Web with information from INEGI

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