NIP become a global logistics platform in Mexico



Mexico City, June 6, 2014 -. RECSA, the construction company, has reported in its May report, the National Infrastructure Program (NIP) 2014-2018 provides road building towards tourism, access roads to areas with energy vocation and relief logistics hubs such as ports.


One of the objectives of the Plan is to encourage the trade in the Pacificportos


The program seeks to develop projects based on increasing trade, convert Mexico into a logistics platform for high level, so that the execution of the estimated infrastructure projects will make a strategic factor for the country, says the builder.


The challenge is that the infrastructure is a means to boost the country into an international logistics platform


Continue to Private Investment, responsible for 58.6% of the investment will have a crucial role, and highlights should be done in a timely manner, and had not previously performed in accordance with the expectations projected in the planning, because the Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) were not developed to promote such projects.


The investment provided by the National Infrastructure Program amounts to 1.3 billion pesos, only in the field of communications and transportation, and are +762 billion private sector, and +455 billion came from the federal budget investment.


16 million 389 thousand pesos will be allocated to the development of Mexico as a multimodal logistics platform, 29.9% of the total budget


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