Livestock sector has growth opportunity



Mexico City, August 15, 2014.- The livestock sector in the country is with great growth opportunities and potential to expand exports to different countries, mainly from Asia, said Oswaldo Cházaro Montalvo, president of the Confederation national Livestock Organizations (CNOG).


“If implemented joint activities between the government and the private sector to reduce costs, consumption of beef would increase to 5%,” Montalvo said.


Oswaldo Cházaro commented that Mexico needs to enable the balance between subsidiaries prices and production costs, since the former have been increased worldwide are.


“You need to work for the meat industry has a better performance and an integrated structure, so that all the links that form the chain sectors of different species may have the ability to supply the domestic market and then export their beef “he said.


He noted that for the next decade a favorable outlook for the meat industry, based on stable and competitive prices that support the entire production chain is appreciated. In addition to the recently approved in the country, reforms will generate a positive impact on the meat industry, because they have responded to requests for industrial workers and various sectors of the country.


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