Mexico will increase competitiveness with reforms



Mexico City, August 26, 2014.- Structural reforms in Mexico have transformed the telecommunications, competition, employment, education, fiscal, financial, energy and security sectors which “will certainly contribute to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the country reaching a stronger, inclusive and sustainable growth, “said Jose Angel Gurria Trevino, secretary general of the Organization for Economic Growth and Development (OECD).


“Based on estimates stylized, Mexico could increase its potential annual GDP growth in at least one additional point over the next decade.”


He noted that the first product of this reaction from the business community, nationally and internationally, are encouraging, but stressed that efforts for the effective implementation of the reforms should continue.
Gurría Treviño stressed the importance of the institutional framework for the reforms to bear fruit.


“The OECD will continue to support the efforts of Mexico, and is willing to provide policy advice on a wide range of issues,” said the representative of the OECD.


Mexican Business Web


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