Germany provides credit to Mexican Construction Company



Berlin, Germany, September 9 2014.- The German Investment and Development Company (DEG) granted a loan of EUR 17 million to the Mexican construction Promotion Comprehensive Housing for the construction of housing for those on low or middle incomes.


The Politics Online Information Service for Development, working in collaboration with the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, said the Mexican firm has already built such loans 15 000 houses and apartments, which also cover environmental standards.


The DEG said in the next three years, the company will build three thousand homes due to the rapid growth of cities in the developing country. The decision was made early enough that the Mexican construction company can plan properly.


The DEG said in the Mexican cities of rapid growth, housing supply is scarce and construction activity is often uncontrolled.


He noted that, while housing demand is very strong among the poor classes and middle-income Mexico.


The first loan of SDRs received in 2012 the Comprehensive Housing Advocate, a firm that has 800 thousand employees. With the new project launched another 200 jobs will be created.


The SDR works closely with the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the German Bank for Reconstruction (KfW), from which much of the funding.


Mexican Business Web


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