Spanish digital companies prefer to invest in Mexico


Madrid, Spain, October 09, 2014.- Mexico is a favorite destination for online companies from Spain, in its internationalization towards Latin America, said the “dotcom Multilatinas report: Spanish digital startups based in Latin America.

The study by the Business School Business School, in collaboration with Lufthansa and House of America, scored 91% of companies expect to have digital operations in month two years.

He added that Chile and Colombia are placed in the following positions with 71%, while Brazil is behind the expansion plans.

The report noted that Latin America has established itself as a key market for “startups” Spanish (emerging companies), while two out of three Spanish dotcom over 21%, customers or visitors in Latin America.

Moreover, four in 10 companies in online Spanish generate more than 10% of its business in Latin America and 15% get more than 26% percent of their income in that region.

The report found that seven in 10 Spanish distribution companies emerging goods and services online are more than 20% of its clients, customers or subscribers in Latin America. He stressed that in 33%, the number of Latin American clients exceeds 40%.

For the preparation of the report was attended by over 50 Spanish companies offering their services online, with a turnover of 350 million euros (445 million dollars), which generate two 500 jobs.

The report was carried out between April and June 2014 based on the response of directors and managers in those companies.

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