Mexico stands out as second in the world in medical tourism


Mexico City, October 13, 2014.- Mexico was ranked second worldwide in the medical tourism sector, doubling its revenues in the last seven years, and Tijuana is the number one of the 20 clusters in this sector destination.

Health tourism in Mexico ever hosted travelers, getting in the last seven years income for two thousand 956 million dollars in 2013, contrasting with the amount of one thousand 544 million in 2006.

These figures place Mexico as the second largest market in the world in this activity, just behind the United States, but surpassing countries such as Germany, UAE and Thailand, said Euromonitor.

Currently there are 20 clusters specialized in medical tourism, with which destinations like Mexico City, Cancun, Leon, Coahuila, Sonora and San Luis Potosi looking to achieve a similar success Tijuana, the star of this club. The Federal Ministry of Health has certified 105 hospitals, 98 of which are certified to international standards.

“The border crossing serves 100 vehicles per hour. When patients are crossing, the doctor will issue a pass, which is presented in the special line; So, instead of making a row of 200 cars, make a 20 to 25 vehicles, “said Oscar Escobedo, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California.

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