Mexican government publishes concession for new airport


Mexico City, January 26, 2015.- The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) published the title of concession in favor of the corporation Airport Group of the City of Mexico, SA de CV, to build, manage, operate and develop the new International Airport of Mexico City.

The Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) dependence indicates that this concession is for the joint venture of Mexican nationality majority state, represented by its managing director the lawyer Manuel Angel Nunez Soto.

Details that this title is to grant a license to use, exploit and leverage Concession Assets; and a concession to build, manage, operate and develop the airport.

Plus it will run for 50 years, counted from the beginning of operations from the airport, which may be extended under Article 15 of the Airports Act concerning the revocation of licenses or permits.

It says the dealership will begin operations once, besides having covered the requirements for this purpose, the Ministry has granted approval of the documents that Article 22 of the Rules of the Airports Act refers.

“Such as, notice of termination of the work; master development program, which shall include, inter alia, the indicative investment program; operating rules contained in the general manual operation of the aerodrome and insurance referred to in Article 146 of the Regulation, registration fees for services that they provide; document by which the committee is constituted operation and schedules that Article 61 of the Law “refers to.

And the adoption of its rules of procedure; document that the local safety committee is constituted in Article 73 of the said Act and the local authorized in addition to notifying the dependence of the members of the board and airport security program manager concerns.

The Secretariat said that the airport must have the infrastructure, facilities, equipment and signaling needed to meet minimum technical and operational requirements in accordance with Articles 30 and 31 of the Regulation to ensure the safe and efficient operation thereof and aircraft according to the classification and category maintained.

He adds that the dealership will charge the fees for the provision of the Services will authorize the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, with the corresponding participation of the SCT, it retains its character as majority state-owned company.

“When you stop will be applied tariffs that apply to the provision of the Services on the terms set out in the Act, the Regulations and in this Concession” she said.

The dependence emphasizes that, after hearing the dealership, amend the classification, reference code and category of Airport when it counts with better facilities, or leave to have the same as are necessary to maintain the classification and category assigned, and / or circumstances that warrant arise.

The Secretariat notes that the Concession Assets shall be used during the lifetime of the concession, for their object, unless previously authorized by the SCT. Also during the term of this concession, the concessionaire may conclude with third legal acts and grant the use and provide surfaces leases included in the airport infrastructure and grant rights of use or step on them, in order to pay for itself or through third parties, airport and complementary services that require it.

In addition to lease or grant the use or right of way to third on areas for the provision of commercial and complementary services, according to the description of the commercial areas is made in the Master Development Program.

This, in order those in terms of the provisions of Articles 60 of the Act and Regulation 65, third pay commercial services at the airport.

The concessionaire shall enable access to and use of areas located within the Airport identified in Annex 1 which is included in the DOF, the authorities or government agencies necessary in order to accomplish their own powers activities.

He mentions that this concession only granted the right to make use, exploitation and working in accordance with the conditions of this Title Concession.

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