Step Mexican Exports up in Canada


Link with the northern neighbor, grows in the export cluster.

Toronto, Canada, February 06, 2015.-Mexican Exports to Canada in last December amounted thousand 971 million dollars, an increase 10.5% compared to the amount of the month of January last year (one thousand 784 million), today reported The Body Statistics Canada.

Canadian Exports to Mexico closed last year with decrease of 8.4%, going from 438 million 57 thousand dollars in January 2014 to 401 million 278 thousand in the previous December, the official agency said that main Mexican exports to Canada last December were machinery and mechanical appliances, sound recorders and reproducers, electrical equipment and sound equipment-related accessories, for total 755 million 746 thousand dollars.

Mexico also exported in December to Canada related to aircraft, ships and vehicles of transportation, equipment which reached the 622 thousand 766 million US dollars. Mexican vegetable products exported this month reached 131 thousand 716 million dollars, mostly plants, trees, bulbs, roots, flowers, edible oils, fruits and citrus, coffee, spices, cereals, medicinal plants and oilseeds fruits.

Mexican metal parts exports, which reached 52 million 273 thousand dollars, while the majority of Canadian products exported to Mexico during December were vegetable with a total of 93 thousand 289 million dollars, followed by metal parts by 75 thousand 612 million dollars.

Canada also exported products related to machinery and mechanical appliances which reached 49 thousand 584 million dollars to Mexico. Mexican Exports during December show a surplus of nearly 1,570 million dollars in the trade balance with Canada, which was 16% higher than the one registered in January 2014 (one thousand346 million dollars).

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