Gastronomic tourism shows dynamic and trendy Mexico


Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Head of Sectur, indicated that food tourism has become one often most dynamic and creative segments to drive to Mexico.

City of Mexico, February 11, 2015.In recent years, food tourism has become one of the most dynamic and creative segments promote Mexican sector worldwide, said Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Head of the Ministry of tourism (Sectur).

Within the framework of the opening culinary festival in the United Kingdom, the official pointed out that these events seek to promote Mexican Cuisine in the European country. Ruiz Massieu said that in the culinary field, the objective is to project dynamic, modern and vibrant country.

“It is a pre Hispanic and colonial heritage, but to also be a young nation with a visionof future and avant-garde, added Claudia Ruiz.

She stressed the community character of the gastronomy, its contribution social and economic development processes, same that help communities generate income opportunities for employment at the local level.

The official attended workshops with culinary experiences, in order to encourage tourism from the British to Mexico and vice versa, as part of the partnership with Latin America’s 50 Best, list of the best restaurants in the region.
The wealth that frames the Dual year activities Mexico – United Kingdom, constitutes an effort of the Government to deploy a comprehensive strategy in tourist and shopping area. The above under multidisciplinary calendar that includes more than 100 events in major cities in Britain.

The head of Sectur said the private sector and Government work together to position the national cuisine as a pillar for the projection of the country on the international stage.

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