Veracruz has a great potential on the energetic field

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Veracruz has at least four tentative projects considered for the development of the energetic sector.


Jalapa Veracruz, February 11, 2015. – There are at least four important projects for the development of the energetic sector potential these projects are located in the Coatzacoalcos seaport, said the president of the Coparmex Southwest Peninsular Federation.

“There are four zones located in Veracruz mostly placed in Coatzacoalcos but also its important to say that Veracruz city have a lot of potential because is a seaport who has been consolidated with quality jobs and looks attractive to direct investment.”

About investments he said that almost a thousand and 600 millions mxp would been destined for the building of 22 new exploration wells located on the Mexican Gulf waters, talking about competitive capacity Veracruz keeps an important advantage against another Mexican locations considering the fact that shows the incoming presence of local enterprises in the tendering processes.

“We have the incoming investments that Pemex skipped to take; now the Hydrocarbon National Committee is doing that job, it´s important to remember the fact of the reduction in the economy of Pemex, but also right now there are different tendering processes and Pemex don´t have plans to take part on them. México is open for the foreign or national investment.”

Derivative of the investment opening of the Mexican energetic sector a lot of foreign enterprises are coming, Mexicans must take advantage of this scenario to receive the tenders that will be celebrated next summer.

He was concerned about the low training at the moment and the time to improve this area, this is important because derivative of poor training of the local workers, the foreign enterprises may call foreign personal.

“I believe that the big challenge for the workers from places with the most important oil industry is the quickly training because we haven’t enough capacity, that’s the main reason of the incoming of foreign enterprises that came to provide their specialized workforce, that’s why Mexican enterprises must start training all his personal in order to compete with foreign companies.”

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