Mexican agri-food sector exportations shows historical numbers


Agri-food exportations reached 25.614 million dollars during 2014.


Mexico City, February 11, 2015.- According to information provided by the Mexican Bank (Banxico) the agri-food exportations reached 25.614 million dollars during 2014, this sector is composed by the agricultural, farming, cattle breeding and fishing industries; this amount represents a new record to México and a 5.28% growing of the exportations per year, more than a thousand million dollars compared with the numbers of 2013.

The Agricultural, Cattle breeding, Fishing, Feeding and Rural Development Secretary of State (SAGARPA) mention that the agriculture and livestock sector reached 12 thousand 204 million dollars of international sales, 8.5% more than 2013 sales.

Meanwhile the agro industrial sector exported over 13 thousand 410 million dollars, and with this a 2.3% of growing.

Another beneficiated subsector was the food, beverage and tobacco this area reported exportations over 12 thousand 902 million dollars that means a growing of 2.3%.

Also SAGARPA said that the principal exportation products are beer, tomatoes, avocado, tequila, pepper, cattle, raspberry and blackberry.

In 2014 the agricultural and livestock subsectors that represent considerably changes were the fruits industry with 94.2%; coffee with 94.2%, fresh strawberries with 61.2%, cattle with 53.9% and avocado with 46.3% of growing each one according information provided by the Mexican Geography and Statistics Institute (INEGI).

The Mexican agri-food products have presence in over 150 nations all around the world, countries like U.S.A., Canada, Japan, China, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Ghana, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, South Korea, Costa Rica, Cuba, Equator, Egypt, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Senegal and many others.

Finally SAGARPA added that during the 2013 the exportations reached 24 thousand 329 million dollars.

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