Mexico pioneered development of commercial drones


Enterprises of drones is that it flies the business developed and used by these electronic devices.

The Mexican Jordi Muñoz Bardales began using parts of a Nintendo Wii and a toy helicopter. Today he is the co-founder of drones 3D Robotics manufacturer.

City of Mexico, April 18, 2015-Young, Jordi Muñoz had built a system called automatic pilot in 2009, which functioned under the brain computer behind the drones for consumers.

Months later he founded the company 3D Robotics Inc., which is currently the largest manufacturer of drones for consumers in the United States, with tens of millions of dollars in annual revenues, having a staff of 300 employees and more than 100 million dollars in venture capital.

Thanks to the demand that builders have generated services such as mapping and aerial photography, in the last year, the demand for drones in Mexico has doubled, because with these devices, their implementation is faster and reduces costs, companies in the sector they agreed.

The co-founders face a range of fierce rivals. Paris-based Parrot is one of them, has captured the market lower with drones equipped with cameras that are sold between 100 and 500 dollars. The giant of the industry is SZ DJI Technology Co., a Chinese company which manufactures drones equipped with the most popular cameras in the world, whose prices are around thousand dollars. On 7 April, DJI presented its latest product in its best-selling line of drones.

To compete, 3D Robotics launched a new drone, known as the Solo and with a price close to the thousand dollars. The company spent 10 million and spent 18 months to the development of the black four-rotor helicopter.

The demand for drones in Mexico has doubled in the last year, due to the demand that builders have generated services such as mapping and aerial photography, according to data from companies in the sector.

Arturo Cruz, commercial Manager of the company of Terrasat geospatial technology and which has been subcontracted to work on construction projects such as ICA, said that in 2014, the company had a growth of 500%, compared to a previous year, of which 90% corresponds to services with drones rented to construction companies.

Years ago he was a Photogrammetry by plane every three months, today an aerial photograph in drone is made every week.

Jaime Machuca, director of Droidika, company dedicated to the mapping through these artifacts, said that the demand for this type of aircraft began to skyrocket from September and October 2014.

The director of the company founded by the end of 2013 said that of the nearly 4 million pesos in revenue that had Droidika last year, between 70% and 80% came from orders by construction companies.

 The demand, said Machuca, has grown by construction companies seeking to streamline processes and reduce costs in comparison with the income of small planes or hiring surveyors walk.

Orders of Droidika, which designs and operates drones for missions such as mapping, surveying, and the generation of 3D models, ranging from the 325 pesos, up to half a million pesos.

When you reach the desired location, images are captured and then edit, to finally process them with a specialized software such as the Pix4D, whose license has a cost of 6 thousand 500 euro.

Not only Amazon is experimenting with drones to deliver products at home, also the Mexican 99 minutes began to make them.

Alexis Patjame, founder and CEO of the startup 99 minutes, carrying out deliveries in less than an hour and a half, said that the company already began to test this mechanism.

According to the Radiant Insights firm, the market for drones would increase $ 609 million in 2014, to 4.8 billion in 2021.

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