Infrastructure and construction grows in Mexico


The construction industry in Mexico will accelerate its growth in the coming years driven by an ambitious programme of government infrastructure.

The prospects for growth in the industry of construction in Mexico by 2015 will generate 6.1 million jobs.

Mexico City, May 4, 2015.-The activity of the construction industry maintains its pace in accordance with estimated. In the period January-February 2015, the construction industry recorded a growth of 3.6% compared to the same period in 2014.

With INEGI data the percentage of higher construction GDP was generated in Baja California Sur with 18.8%, followed by Nayarit with 15.4% and third Veracruz with 12.2%.

The construction industry grew 1.1% in February 2015 compared to the same month in 2014, driven by greater works related to the construction of civil engineering works in public works which, during the month of February, grew at a rate of 2.6% compared to the same month in 2014 its best performance since August of 2012 when they recorded an improvement of 2.7%.

Also, in February 2015 the works related to the construction sub-sector grew 1% while the specialized works fell 1.5% compared to the same month in 2014.

The trade to the retail of materials for construction in specialized stores have a great potential for growth, said the Chamber of trade, services and tourism in small of the city of Mexico (Conacope Servytur-Mexico City).

The construction industry involves in the city of Mexico to nine thousand 531 businesses, which include selling cement, brick and gravel; metallic materials; electrical equipment; painting; glass and mirrors; hardware stores and stores and ceramic coatings.

Of these, only 52 businesses in the nation’s capital correspond to trades of materials to the retail specialty stores.

This indicates that, although a minority sector, it has a great potential for growth, due to the demand that has consumer and offering their services every day of the week.

Although construction materials business has changed in recent years, have also appeared new ways to meet the needs and tastes of the population.

Within the framework of the celebration of the Holy Cross, the Canacope, city of Mexico recognized the work carried out by the workers of the construction as a necessary activity and stressed the importance of the trade of building materials in the nation’s capital.

With works that are built within the framework of the National Plan for infrastructure (PNI) the federal Government launched, promotes trade and regional economic development in the country, said the Ministry of communications and transport (SCT).

In recent days, the federal agency said that these works include the construction of roads, bridges, beltways and other important infrastructure works, such as the new airport international in the Mexico City (NAICM), and the expansion and establishment of new ports in the Mexican coastal.

The need that goods of different type are marketed appropriately and in all corners of the country, has referred to develop nationwide 56 Highway beltways, that allow the interconnection of ports, commercial distribution centers and places of final consumption.

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