Arab airlines are interested in Mexican destinations


Qatar Airways and Fly Emirates are two airlines interested in the mexican market.

The Arab airlines want to start operating on Mexico as soon as possible.

Cancun Quintana Roo, may 11, 2015. – After getting the authorization by the Mexican government the airline Blue Panorama started the Milan-Merida-Cancun airway on last April, based on that fact another airlines as Quatar Airways and Fly Emirates started the negotiation process with Mexican authorities in order to open new airways Mexico – Dubai.

Darío Flota, director of the Mayan Touristic Promotion Office announced that the Arab airlines are really interested in Mexico as a new destination place, the arrive of tourist from the United Emirates to Cancun opens a new market for that enterprises, also they are thinking to extend the operation through México City in order to cover the business sector motivated by the energetic industry.

Mr. Flota also said that the entrance of foreign airlines don’t represent the release of the Mexican air traffic because authorities keeps working on the protection of the inner industry so the entrance of Qatar Airlines and Fly Emirates will be under the concession and following some rules established by Mexican government.

The case of Blue Panorama was an example because the enterprise it’s not allowed to sell the transportation between the Mexican cities Merida and Cancun as a protection step, in the case of Arab airlines the Mexico City- Cancun fly will be executed with no cost for the customers in order to protect the Mexican industry, that’s why the executive team of those airlines are now negotiating with the government trying to get the same deal like the Blue Panorama owners.

Another advantage for the airline opening will be the connection between Mexico and the Dubai International Airport that is one of the most important air linker in the world, according to statistics showed by the Mexican Migration Institute (INM) on 2014, 463 Arab tourist came to Mexican soil, 274 arrived to Cancun, 145 arrived to Mexico City and the remainder arrived to another touristic places in the country.

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