Mexican company invest 300 million dollars on Philippines

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CEMEX is ready to invest 300 million dollars on Philippines.

CEMEX  is working to get new infrastructure improvements  on Philippines.

Manila Philippines, May 14, 2015.- The Mexican Company CEMEX is ready to invest 300 million dollars on Philippines in order to build a new production line that could process 1.5 million tons of cement. According to a document sent to the Mexican Stocking Exchange, the transnational enterprise said that the new production line called “Solid Plant” located on Luzon, would increase the production capacity twice, which means a growing of 25% of cement and concrete for the Mexican company who extended their operations to the Asian Southeast.

Fernando Gonzales Olivieri, CEO of CEMEX said that there is a positive inclination of the entrepreneur market on Philippines, and the Mexican company understand this opportunity at the same time he remember the commitment to provide high quality products for a nation who needs a lot of constriction materials right now.

At the same time Gonzales Olivieri said that it was at the beginning of May when the building construction works were officially started, the goal is extend the APO plant located in Cebu, Philippines, considered the biggest concrete and cement production factory on the island, and also create a connection center between Visayas and Mindanao.

Joaquín Estrada, CEMEX president for Asia, added that the company goes through a growing process, specifically in the infrastructure area; right now the company is working for getting better facilities that could help CEMEX on the early future when Philippines increase the cement demand.

Finally, Estrada said that CEMEX Philippines improve a new energy plant that work with the residual heat wasted on the factory, equipment valuated in 18.6 million dollars who could provide the factory a new way to transform the remaining heat into electric energy, that situation could increase the company resources and represents a green solution to the heat produced on the production lines daily.

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