Mexican Solicitor General’s Office publishes tendering process


This tendering process only accepts electronic proposals.

The Mexican Solicitor General’s Office published a new international tendering process.

Mexico City, may 19, 2015.- The Mexican Solicitor General’s Office published the international tender with number of identification IA-017000999-T28-2015 in order to invite business owners and people in general to take part in the process for the acquisition of electronic equipment.

This tender only accepts electronic proposals, based on the 27 right of the Mexican Law of Public Acquisition; the proposals should be signed with digital signatures provided by the Mexican Tribute Administration Services Department, the neglect of the digital signature will cause the disqualification of the tendering process.

The events of the tendering process will take place on the website of Mexican Acquisition Processes called CompraNet; the first meeting will take place on May 21th at 13:00 hours, local time of Mexico City, the proposal presentation and opening will take place on May 26th also at 10:30 hours.

The final decision of the tendering process will take place on June 2nd at 13:00 hours,after the final meeting the winner of the contest must visit the office of the Mexican department in order to sign the contract.

Those interested in ask for explanations about the tendering process must send a document by the web page CompraNet, also in order to get more quickly answer the Mexican enterprise will appreciate to send your questions using Microsoft Word or Excel format.

The economic proposal should be uploaded on the website CompraNet with the list of prices requested, show the price after and before taxes, document that will be signed and scanned.

The contract will be designed to the company who offers the best price and quality according the Mexican laws (art. 26 of the LAASSP), the resolution of the tendering process will be posted on the Mexican website CompraNet, also all the participants will receive a mail containing the resolution of the contest.

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