New record of Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico


The agreements for the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments (APPRI´s) have been paid to the growth of foreign direct investment in the country.

Mexico with solid and reliable Foreign Direct Investment.

Mexico City, May 20, 2015.-During the first quarter of 2015, Mexico recorded a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by seven thousand 573.2 billion dollars, which constitutes the highest preliminary figure for a first quarter in the history of the indicator.

In a press release, the Ministry of Economy (SE) noted that Mexico received a 30% higher respectively to the period of 2014, when it was five thousand 820.8 million dollars.

The total number of FDI is the net result of the sum of nine thousand 193.9 million dollars for inflows less mil 620.7 million dollars accounted for as such investment decreases.

Inflows of foreign direct investment among a transaction by two thousand 037 million dollars, derived from the acquisition of shares of Iusacell and Unefon by AT & T telecommunications companies.

The preliminary sum of accumulated FDI amounts to 74 thousand 994.6 million dollars, a figure above the accumulated preliminary amount reported in the same period of the previous six which was 51 thousand 890 million dollars.

Federal dependence (SE) explained that the FDI registered during the first quarter of 2015 came from thousand 357 companies with participation of foreign capital.

The investment chapters in FTAS, complement the provisions on trade, given the close relationship between investment and trade, since: a third of international trade in goods and services occurs between related companies; and the investment contributes to the increase of the exports of the countries in development through the export activities of multinational enterprises.

There’s a commercial opening of Mexico is successful thanks to its openness to generated productive capital flows of fresh funds.

Similarly, it was noted that by type of investment (source of funding), it is composed of 61.8% through reinvestment of profits, 37 percent of new investments and 1.2% by concept of intercompany accounts.

While by sector, exports make up 34%; information in mass media, 29%; financial services 20.4%; trade, 8.2% and construction, 6.9%. As the 12 sectors was 1.5% of remaining catchment.

At the same time, by country of origin, in the case of United States represents 59.4% Spain, 14.3%; Japan, 8.2%; South Korea, 4.8%; France, 2.9%; and Netherlands with 2.3%; other 48 countries contributed the remaining 8%.

The current currency war is giving way to the protectionism that could curb investments abroad in the long run by transnational corporations. However the behaviour of FDI in Mexico in 2014 has been favorable.

Type of international businesses this revived its activity in Mexico with persons specialized in charge, possessing a broad recognition of the rules of the market and a proven solvency good projects that often require complicated operations as well as legal advice and strategic planning, where the potential for growth offered a good advice to develop.

FDI figures were reviewed jointly by the Ministry of Economy (SE) and the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) and will be integrated into the report of balance of payments of the latter.

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