Cloud is a strong technological infrastructure to SMEs


The use of data in the cloud is strategic to bet on growth for SMEs.

A strong technological infrastructure guarantees best results to SMEs.

Mexico City, May 29, 2015.- In the face of various challenges facing SMEs, the cloud computing is positioned as a strategic element to bet on growth that leads to a new level in the market, said the manager Marketing for Cloud Solutions IBM Mexico, Barbara Aguilera.

“The cloud is not just virtualization, is a tool that helps business transformation, IBM sees this concept as a set of solutions that enable start-ups grow and be flexible,” said the directive at a meeting with media.

One of the main characteristics of SMEs or start-up also is called operation with fewer human and material resources, which forces them to have a strong technological infrastructure that ensures the best results.

“The cloud is an issue that is not only fashionable, it is a necessity for companies that want to move forward; however, do not always know what suits them up, if they do so at a public cloud, a private or a hybrid, “he explained.

In that regard, he stressed that one of the objectives of IBM Mexico is to stay in close contact with entrepreneurs, an increasingly active segment in the country and has a high potential due to its levels of innovation.

“We have different programs for them; to participate it is necessary that companies are already consolidated but not more than three years of operation, “he said.

The executive stressed that the support of the firm ranges from technological support, free software licenses and even a financial contribution which may be a thousand or $ 10,000 per month.

He stressed that by helping these businesses to begin a journey in cloud computing, IBM obtained the certainty that when no longer start-up, its products and services will remain part of its transformation and market entry.

“We support them to develop their infrastructure; once you try it, if they decide to adopt it serves and even after they are no longer start-up, we follow them because the technology base is made by IBM, “he said.

According to Roberto and Carlos Cuestas, who lead the star-up PymesFree, cloud computing was a key element to develop software aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that need to issue electronic invoices.

“It’s a market of 12 million individuals who need an invoice. With cloud services is possible that a small business can reach a very high level as a large company has many technological resources, “emphasized Carlos Cuestas.

Roberto Cuestas said that technological guarantee allowed PymesFree step towards a global trend in digital platforms and focus on targeted advertising.

“The advertising market has increased exponentially, more and more companies are turning to digital media such as apps, because they offer a unique and customized offer, and that is also achieved with a cloud platform such as IBM” he said.

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