EU-CELAC summit will take place in Brussels

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The summit will be denominated “Working for prosperous, cohesive and sustainable societies for our citizens”.

The EU-CELAC summit will take place during June 10th and 11th in Belgium.

Mexico City, June 1, 2015.- During June 10th and 11th , 61 countries from Latin America, The Caribbean and The European Union (EU-CELAC) would celebrate a summit denominated “Working for prosperous, cohesive and sustainable societies for our citizens” that will be celebrated in Brussels, Belgium. The main objective is to effort the relationship between the European Union and the Latin countries.

During the summit 61 heads of State will assist to the event, directed by the president of the European Council Donald Tusk, its planned to talk about bilateral and global issues that affects both economic blocs, the organizers thinks that the next summit will be a good chance to enclose the commercial links between the members, and also to driving initiatives to improve the life level for the citizens, for the environment and increase the education levels.

Christian Leffler, Director in the European Union for American issues, said that topics as governability, politic changes and human rights will be main subjects to discussed by the heads of State during the event , also almost 500 business owners will came to the summit in order to meet EU- CELAC directors.

For Mexico this will be a good chance to enclose the commercial links with the EU because the Free Trade Agreement signed between the biggest economic bloc need to be modernized in order to face the new challenges of the modern market.

Pina Picierno, Vice-president of the European Parliament for México said: “Mexico is an important partner for the EU even thought their commercial and historical links are more connected with South America, so the presence of the president Enrique Peña Nieto in the summit will be a good way to start this process.”

It´s important to know that in these 61 countries lives 1000 million people, and represents a third part of all the United Nation (UNO) members and a half of the G-20 Group, the EU is the principal investor in the CELAC bloc and sends 34% of the investments, more than Russia China and India combined.

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