Chinese company invested 35 million dollars in Ramos Arizpe


The new factory required an invest of 35 million dollars.

The Chinese company Sanhua invested 35 million dollars in Coahuila.

Ramos Arizpe Coahuila, June 3, 2015.- Today a new production plant was opened on the Industrial Park “Amistad” by the Chinese enterprise called Sanhua, the new factory will be destined to produce calefactory pieces, conditioned air systems and refrigeration solutions, Sanhua is the first Chinese company who invest in the industrial market located in Coahuila.

The new factory required an invest of 35 million dollars and could generate more than 600 employments that will be available before the 2017, on the first stage of the developing project the production schedules will be modified and the production lines will pass from one to tree on the first year of operation, Sanhua exports their products principally to the United States of America and the European Union.

Weinfeng Weng, vice-president of Global Operations in Sanhua, added that their arrive to the north region of Mexico it`s a really important moment for the globalization process of the company founded in 1984 on the oriental zone of China and destined in their first days to the developing process of electrical appliance and mechanical components for the automotive industry.

Sanhua keeps 16,000 people employed on their factories and their annual sales reached 3,200 million dollars on the 2014, also the company maintains a privileged place on the Asian market caused of their product diversity and the new solutions that Sanhua produces.

Sanhua maintains since 1990 a globalization policy in order to reach the commercial expansion consolidating a world wide web of sales and production lines and that’s why this enterprise has factories in Japan, South Korea, The European Union, The Asian Southeast and United States of America, Weinfeng Weng said that Sanhua picked chose Ramos Arizpe because the strategic location of the place in the north border of Mexico and also for the regional developing project powered by the Coahuila government.

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