Grows 14% Mexican exports in Canada


Partnership, mechanism of trade cooperation between Canada-Mexico.

Mexico-Canada trade relationship continues to thrive, this time with an increase in exports.

Toronto, Canada, June 4, 2015-Mexico continues to be the third most important trading partner for Canada, after the United States and China.

Mexican exports to Canada grew by 14% between January and March this year, moving from mil 789 million dollars in January to two thousand $ 43 million in April, the Official Statistics Canada Agency reported.

Bilateral trade between Canada and Mexico was approximately 34.3 billion dollars in 2014.

Canadian exports to Mexico during the same period grew only 0.44%, going from 357thousand 459 million dollars in January to 359 thousand 46 million dollars in April this year.

Canadian direct investment in Mexico reached more than 12.3 billion dollars (stock) in2014, while direct investment from Mexico into Canada was 22 million dollars (stock) in2013.

Mexican exports for April showed a surplus of thousand 684 million dollars in trade balance with Canada.

The official Canada statistics agency, said that the main Mexican exports to Canada last April were machinery and mechanical appliances, sound recorders and reproducers, electrical equipment and sound equipment, accessories  705 thousand 219 million dollars.

The statistical report indicated that imports from these two countries decreased in April: China imported 698 million dollars less than in March, while the United States imports fell one percent.

This represents an impressive increase of more than 650% in trade in goods since1993, the year before NAFTA went into effect.

Mexico exported in that month to Canada related to aircraft, ships and vehicles of transportation, equipment which reached 692 thousand 726 million dollars.

Mexican vegetable products exported in April reached 124 thousand 701 million dollars, mostly plants, trees, bulbs, roots, flowers, edible oils, fruits and citrus, coffee, spices, cereals, medicinal plants and oilseeds fruits.

In April the fourth place on Mexican products exported to Canada occupied it the mining sector, with 105 thousand 69 million dollars.

Canada exported to Mexico metal parts by 53,000 167 million dollars, followed by machinery and mechanical appliances, sound recorders and reproducers, electrical equipment and sound equipment, accessories for a total of 49 million 600 thousand dollars.

While the majority of Canadian products exported to Mexico during April were equipment associated with aircraft, ships and vehicles of transportation, which reached92 million 616 thousand dollars.

There is a significant number of Canadian companies that export to Mexico. Mexico is also a priority market for Export Development Canada (EDC), which maintains offices in Mexico since 2000, providing a wide range of financial services to facilitate Canadian exports to Mexico and Canadian investment in that country.

Demographic and economic projections of Mexico allow you to glimpse that trade will increase even more.

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