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Governor of Arizona will visit Mexico to promote trade in United States

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Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, will attend a businesses trip in Mexico City, to promote in international investment.

The proximity of the United States, together with the economic stability of Mexico makes both countries as an attractive place for investment foreign direct.

Phoenix, Arizona, June 4, 2015.-United States is the largest trading partner of Mexico, making the purchase of more than 80% of Mexican exports during the year 2010. Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the United States., after China and Canada.

Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona will have business visit  to Mexico days 17, 18 and 19 of June in order to promote trade and improve relations with that country, deteriorated after the approval of anti-immigrant law SB 1070.

The Governor’s Office confirmed Wednesday that Ducey will travel to the city of Mexico, for a two-day visit that will focus to promote exports of Arizona and to repair relations with the country after years of battle over immigration law and border security.

The spokesman for the Governor, Daniel Scarpinato, pointed out that Ducey plans to meet with officials and leaders of business in the Mexican capital.

The Governor hopes to promote Arizona business leaders and international economic development, since the State Government of Arizona seeks to grow its economy and create jobs.

The Governor’s visit will be his first time on Mexican land, after having assumed the governorship in January.

Last October, the Government of Arizona opened in the city of Mexico an Office of trade and investment, to boost exports and encourage business relations.

NAFTA links 441 million people producing $ 17 trillion in goods and services annually. The dismantling of trade barriers and the opening of markets have led to economic growth and prosperity in all three countries.

To analyze the economic growth experienced by the country neighbor and how Arizona can be involved in this economy will be Margie Emmermann, vice President of strategies for the consulting company Molera Álvarez, the Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton and Héctor Romero, President Signum Research, financial and stock market analysis company based in the city of Mexico

With 8.6 billion dollars in exports to Mexico in 2014, Mexico is the most important commercial partner of Arizona, according to the Arizona Mexico Commission. Experts say that by 2050, Mexico will be the fifth economic power in the world.

In addition, with the opening of a Trade Office in Arizona in the Mexico City in October 2014, leaders ensure that the relationship between Arizona and Mexico is in a new stage.

Bilateral trade in goods reached 362 billion dollars in 2010 and 2009 amounted to 278 billion dollars. To put this in perspective, Mexico and the United States, do so much business for goods and services within a month, more than what Mexico does with all 27 countries of the European Union together in a year.

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