Anne and Mary, new face of entrepreneurial culture


Anne and Mary is a estrtaegia to continue promoting both entrepreneurial and business culture.

The Council of the Communication presents the sixth campaign and Toño Pepe, Anne and Mary type now.

Mexico City, June 04, 2015.- The Council of the Communication presents the sixth phase of the already recognized campaign to boost business work: Pepe and Toño, which aims to raise awareness about his work as an essential cornerstone and factor for economic growth and development of social welfare, gaining full recognition of society for their contribution to the promotion of Mexico.

On this occasion, and always looking to evolve and to present new communication strategies, the Council presents Mary Anne and who, like Pepe and Toño and social welfare represent for millions of Mexicans to all entrepreneurs who work every day to create jobs . Thus, Anne and Mary are added to the world of Pepe and Toño to strengthen the message that nine out of ten jobs in Mexico are generated by formal companies and thanks to these jobs is that we can give our families well, build wealth and improve our quality of life.

Anne and Mary show that only formal, small, medium and large businesses, generate welfare for its employees as well as for many others, their suppliers and their customers.

The strategy also continue to promote both entrepreneurial culture and business that favors the opening of new businesses and strengthen existing ones. Through case studies of entrepreneurs and businessmen, it seeks to encourage new entrepreneurs, to decide to take the opportunity and launch your business to generate more and better job opportunities.

With the aim of strengthening the strategy, along these years, the Council of the Communication has conducted several activities involving different sectors of society. In this regard, on 12 May, the Council, in partnership with Samsung Electronics Mexico and the Directorate General of the Federal Technical High Education Service Administration in the Federal District Schools, presented the 2nd. Quiz for Entrepreneurs under the title: “Solutions for the Future”, which aims to foster an entrepreneurial culture among youth in technical high schools, inviting them to participate in an educational event to promote the use of exact sciences (mathematics, science, technology) in projects to improve their environment and their community.

Similarly, an agreement with the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO) by signing a statement of cooperation to reaffirm the commitment to society and thus recognize that it is a priority to promote an entrepreneurial and business culture in Mexico was held.

As a result of such signature, they have conducted several partnerships with states. Challenge include Colima where a concrete and ambitious goal leading to the opening of two thousand two hundred new companies are established, and Jalisco with the opening of two thousand seven hundred seventy-four companies.

In addition to these actions, the Council participates in events, forums, projects, conferences and workshops with all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem thus approaching society to foster entrepreneurship in the country

The Council of Communication is a leadership body of the Business Sector. Among its members the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), the National Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry (CIRT), the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies (AMAP) and the National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry (CANIEM) is , Mexican Outdoor Advertising Association (AMPE), among others. Likewise, the Council has the talent and knowledge of the most prestigious advertising agencies, advertisers and media professionals, as well as the time and space that they give the mass media.

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