Half a million cars sold; AMDA


AMDA reported that in the first five months of 2015 half a million cars were sold

Its commercialize 502 million 935 vehicles from January to may of 2015.

Mexico City, June 08, 2015.- The automotive industry in the country exceeded for the first time in its history, in the first five months of the year, half a million vehicles sold in the domestic market.

The deputy general director of the Mexican Association of Automobile Dealers (AMDA), Guillermo Rosales Zarate, reported that from January to May this year were sold 502 000 935 units, ie 20.8% more than in the same period of 2014, when they were sold 416 000 233 vehicles.

Released only in the fifth month of the year, domestic sales of the industry grew 15.6%, with 101 000 982 vehicles, which also represented the fifth month of the highest year in recent history.

The May sales figure exceeded by 13 000 738 cars to May 2014, with all segments in positive percentages.

Thus, in the fifth month of the year, sports cars grew 46.2%, with sales of 712 units, followed by heavy trucks 39.8%, which represented 179 units sold.

In turn, the subcompact segment achieved growth of 26.4% to 38 thousand 427 vehicles; multipurpose grew 18.9% to 20 000 850 placed cars, luxury units sold 8.4% more vehicles with five thousand 127 and compact, which increased its placement at 1.7%, the market 23 000 513 units.

From January to May every segment closed with positive numbers, when sport grew 59.6%, 33.1% subcompact, compact in 14% luxury 9.4 percent, multipurpose 15.5%, light trucks and 15.2% Heavy trucks with 30.2%.

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