Mexican government is betting on technology

Technology has become a matter of vital importance to the Mexican authorities. The government wants to reduce the digital gap existing between Mexican people and enterprises.

In recent days the Mexican government has announced its project to approach local companies and Mexican population  to the of Information Technology (IT) sector, either through specific programs for small-and medium-sized or by purchase supports for people to  get computer equipment.

And this is because the authorities seek to reduce the digital gap that divides Mexican companies and population. The goal of the government is to “democratize” information technology in the country and thereby improve the standard of living of population.

For small private enterprises, the government has implemented the “Prosoft Fund”. A program that will promote 393 projects in 12 states. These initiatives will involve academia, private sector and state authorities. The objective of this project is to promote the use and production of information technology in the country.

It´s an ambitious project, no doubt, that will provide a platform in order to achieve the maturity and competitiveness to face the global challenge required by clusters of IT that the federal government has developed in some states.

In the case of people, the program is more about supporting Mexican families to acquire their computer equipment, a PC and internet service contract.

Of course this program is more focused on low-income families, because through INFONACOT system people with incomes up to 5 minimum wages and require to buy a computer from up to 6,500 pesos will be attended,. The federal government will award a voucher for 2,000 pesos and the rest could be acquired through credit.

Of course the above is action focused on reducing the digital gap that divides Mexican population, but that does not solve the problem of access to technology for most Mexicans, because there are still many villages where problems are bigger and there are some regions of the country where there´s  no electricity, much less internet service, it is  a situation that local and federal authorities haven´t correct.

And although these kind of supports may seem few to many needs of the Mexican population, the intention and the fact is  that the government has started to establish this type of projects is that they will help to approach technology to companies and Mexican population. Having access to information technology is vital for a country that is seeking to improve their living standards and its purchasing power.

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