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Mexican Business Web offers three different boxes in the Home page to place banners that will ensure an attractive and effective presentation for your brand. The banners are mirrored in the inner pages of the site.

With a community of 20,000 executives, Mexican Business Web is an ideal space to connect your brand or company with a high level management target constantly seeking business and investment opportunities, or simply looking to be informed on avant-garde topics such as consumer trends, investment in States, tenders, productive and service sectors in Mexico.

Banners and measures

  • Leaderboard (728px X 90px)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 px X 250 px)
  • Rectangle (180 px X 150 px)



Through these informative briefings, your brand can reach systematically our subscribers’ electronic mailboxes, thereby ensuring greater exposure to your brand. Mexican Business Web offers two kinds of newsletter:

Mexican Business Web Newsletter

Our classic newsletter which is a synthesis of the news published daily in the Mexican Business Web, sent from Monday to Friday to all our subscribers.

Custom Made Newsletter

This newsletter is fully sponsored by a specific client, custom made to their needs. These newsletters feature content designed to meet the client’s needs, and can be emailed to our entire subscriber database or to specific segments.



Also known as “Mini-sites”, they’re thought to bring detailed information to our readers about a particular product or service. We offer information on the brands we represent through a site within the Mexican Business Web, but with fully independent operation.

The Mexican Business Web offers three kinds of micro-sites:


  • Corporate image of the micro-site
  • Five informative buttons
  • Content: text, images, analysis charts, sensitive maps, photo-gallery
  • Link to the company’s page
  • Html programming with basic interaction
  • Start button



  • Corporate image of the micro-site
  • Five informative buttons
  • Content: Text with scroll bar & slide show, images, analysis charts, sensitive maps, photo-gallery
  • Button inside the sections
  • Spanish & English version
  • Html programming with media interaction
  • Start button



  • Corporate image of the micro-site
  • 2 videos of 1.3 to 1.7 minutes introduction
  • Five to six informative buttons
  • Content: Text with scroll bar & slide show, images, analysis charts, sensitive maps and photo-gallery
  • Three to four buttons within the sections
  • Video Gallery, 3-4 videos of up to 1.3 minutes length each
  • Animated presentations, slide show
  • Interactive map with up to seven buttons
  • Site Map
  • Spanish & English version
  • Programming in flash with advanced interaction
  • Start button and skip introduction




An entire online page of photographic testimony featuring the activities and products of your organization. Ideal to illustrate specific activities or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.



As any corporate presentation, ranging from a video where the CEO introduces their company, to an illustrated presentation with slideshows and more. Usually, video presentations last up to two minutes.



We adjust offline publications into online status in two manners:

  • In a PDF file that can be read online.
  • As an html mini-site of the offline publication.


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Phone. 5208.6897 y 5207.3698